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Volunteers Wanted for the Lights of Peace Project



Hope for World Peace

      The Lights of Peace Project is designed to build awareness of the 24th United Nations Disarmament Conference in Shizuoka, and bring the people together in the warm glow of lights that will shine in the city center, on the Shimizu waterfront, and on Nihondaira.


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1. Art from Peace

image Photo- Art from Light and Mt.Fuji

      Ten thousand candles carefully placed in the Shimizu Marine Park will create a beautiful image in light of Mt. Fuji to sounds of live music.


      Mt. Fuji is truly the symbol of Japan, and we hope and pray for a beautiful world bathed in the warm light of peace, as eternal as Fuji.

image Photo- Art from Light Date&Time: January 27th, 2013, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Place: Shimizu Marine Park


2. The Path to Peace

Tokiwa Park-a pillar of light-image Photo

      Approximately 6,000 bamboo lanterns will light up Aoba Symbol Road and Tokiwa Park.

  1. The lanterns will create a path from Aoba Symbol Road to Tokiwa Park.
  2. Participating citizens will carry more lights to the park with thoughts of peace in their hearts.
  3. During the UNCDI, a pillar of light will shine into the sky so that the citizens will the conference is being held.
✽Tokiwa Park
The word Tokiwa has, since ancient times, held the meaning, "forever unchanging". The people′s desire for peace does not change.

The Path to Peace-image Photo

Date&Time: January 28th to Feburuary 2nd, 2013, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Place: Aoba Symbol Road and Tokiwa Park


3. Dining in Light

Photo- special lanterns made with Panasonic LEDs

      Shizuoka Prefecture enjoys bounty from both sea and land, and bars and restaurants around the city will participate in a special pre-conference event. Certain eateries in Shizuoka will have special lanterns made with Panasonic LEDs for several days before the UNCDI. Customers who give a special ticket to store staff will receive one drink and a plate of a unique and delicious Shizuoka food.


January 28th - 31st
Participating Stores:
63 stores
Tickets: Sold in books of 3 in advance for ¥3,500. Tickets bought after 27th are ¥4,000.



Organized by the Shizuoka Omachibaru Committee



4. Flowers to the Night Sky

portrait-Tokugawa Ieyasu

      Tokugawa is one of the greatest figures of Japanese history, a man who brought 265 years of peace to a war-torn land. It is also said he was the first person to turn the watching of fireworks into an entertainment, and after he unified Japan, he ordered munitions makers to focus on fireworks instead.


      To celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of making a weapon of war into a source of joy and delight, during the Disarmament Conference welcome reception, fireworks will light up the night sky.

Photo- arm-held fireworks ✽Japanese fireworks are believed to carry our prayers for the dead and our prayers for peace heavenward.


January 30th, 2013, during the UNCDI in Shizuoka welcome reception
Nippondaira Hotel grounds


5. Preparations


✽LED Lantern Crafting (January 19th & 20th)
      Girl Scouts in Shizuoka spent two days assembling lanterns for the Dining in Light event, which is concurrent with The Path to Peace. The lanterns were put together using LED lights, in a workshop provided by Panasonic Eco Solutions.
LED Lantern Crafting LED Lantern LED Lantern workshop
✽Preparing the Path to Peace (January 17th)
      On January 17th, city workers involved in the Lights of Peace Project set up 400 bamboo lanterns in a trial run for the main event coming at the end of January, which will have 6,000 lanterns making a path of gentle light from Aoba Symbol Road to Tokiwa Park.
Prep-Bamboo lanterns(distant) Prep-Bamboo lanterns(foreground)
✽Bamboo Lantern Crafting
      The lanterns are steadily being hand-made from bamboo by satoyama environmental conservation groups.
Bamboo lantern Crafting Bamboo lantern lot of Bamboo lantern





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