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国際交流課所属・多文化共生推進係の国際交流員(CIR)について/ About the CIRs in the Multicultural Affairs Section




Name:Si Ri Gu Leng
Term of Appointment:1st April, 2018
Hometown: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

I first arrived in Japan as a language exchange student in October, 1999. After graduating from Shizuoka University Graduate School I worked at a private company as a translator and interpreter. Over the long number of years living in Japan, I have had the opportunity to cultivate exchanges with numerous Japanese people. Through my work at Shizuoka City Hall, I hope to do my best in the promotion of multiculturalism in the city.


南アフリカで生まれ育ち 、子供の頃から日本のアニメとゲームが大好きです。いつか日本に行くのが僕の夢でした。 ケープタウン大学を卒業して、2017年にALTとして来日し、その夢が叶いました。3年半の間、英語を教えながら日本の文化に触れ、日本語力を上げてきました。ありがたいことに、結婚をし、一人息子がいます。僕の経験や日本語力を活かして、静岡に住んでいる色々な国籍の方々の味方になりたいです。国際理解を広げて、世界に輝く静岡の実現に向け、精一杯頑張りたいと思います。

Name: Hugh Stevenson
Term of Appointment: 1st April 2021
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

I grew up in South Africa with a love of Japanese anime and video games. It was my dream to visit Japan one day. After graduating from university in Cape Town I was able to fulfill that dream. I came to Japan as an Interac ALT in October 2017 and I’ve been here ever since! In the last 3 and a half years I’ve been busy teaching English, learning about the culture and working on my Japanese. I was also lucky enough to meet my wife here and now we have a son together! I look forward to using my Japanese ability and my experiences to help Shizuokans of all nationalities, promote multicultural understanding, and help make our city one of global standards.

国際交流課所属・国際化推進係の国際交流員(CIR)について/ About the CIR in the International Affairs Section


名前:ボドゥ・フォスティン (なっちゃん)



※JETプログラムとは「語学指導等を行う外国青年招致事業」(The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme)の略称で、総務省、外務省、文部科学省及び一般財団法人自治体国際化協会(CLAIR)の協力の下、地方公共団体が主体となって実施している国際的人的交流事業です。

A French CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) has also been appointed to the City of Shizuoka through the JET Programme.

Name:Faustine Baudoux
Term of appointment: Since August 6, 2018 (yearly re-appointments)
Hometown: Lille, France

After studying abroad in Kyoto for a year, I obtained a degree in Japanese Language and Culture at Lyon 3 University. I then studied Applied Languages and International Relations ESTRI School for international Careers. After graduating, I taught French in Ireland for a while before getting a position as a Shizuoka City CIR through the JET programme in 2018. 

I am able to speak 4 languages: French, English, Spanish (Beginner level) and Japanese.

I plan on taking advantage of my previous experiences living abroad, and especially in Japan to further Shizuoka International Relations.

  • The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, in cooperation with The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, is a program aimed at promoting international exchange between Japan and other nations.

担当する仕事 / So what is a CIR?

「CIR(Coordinator for International Relations)」とは、国際交流員を表します。


斯日古楞(スルグリン)、 スティーブンソン・ヒュー、 ボドゥ・フォスティンは静岡市役所静岡庁舎の17階、国際交流課で働いています。

CIR stands for Coordinator for International Relations, or “kokusai kouryuin” in Japanese.

The main duties of the CIRs include furthering Shizuoka’s sister city relations, promoting Shizuoka as a tourist destination and international conference site to the World; and engaging in a variety of tasks related to Shizuoka’s international relations, such as translation, interpretation, participation in international conferences, and assistance for guests from overseas. Moreover, in preparation for the 2020 Olympics, the CIRs will operate in a wide range of international events and will be participating, amongst other things, in deepening Shizuoka’s relations with Spain and Taiwan.

The CIRs also forge international exchange with residents of Shizuoka City. Every year, the CIRs make 70~80 visits to kindergartens, preschools, nursery schools and lifelong learning centres. The objective is to help foster a broad international perspective among the residents by introducing foreign cultures to them.

CIRs Si Ri Gu Leng,  Hugh Stevenson, Faustine Baudoux work on the 17th floor of the Shizuoka City Hall, in the International and Multicultural Affairs Division.


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