Who is the CIR, and what do they do?  印刷用ページ


Info about the CIR

Name:Si Ri Gu Leng
Term of Appointment:1st April, 2018
Hometown: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

I first arrived in Japan as a language exchange student in October, 1999. After graduating from Shizuoka University Graduate School I worked at a private company as a translator and interpreter. Over the long number of years living in Japan, I have had the opportunity to cultivate exchanges with numerous Japanese people. Through my work at Shizuoka City Hall, I hope to do my best in the promotion of multiculturalism in the city.
Name: Venita Murofushi
Term of Appointment: 1st April 2018
Hometown: Dunedin City, New Zealand

After experiencing a year of language exchange at a private high school in Osaka from April 1994, I proceeded to study Japanese and International Politics at Otago University, graduating in 1998.  I then joined the JET Programme and returned to Japan as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) in 1999 and stayed on to live in Japan ever since, being involved in teaching English and translating/interpreting.  I look forward to contributing to efforts towards multicultural understanding and making life easier for foreigners living in Shizuoka City.

So what is a CIR?

CIR stands for Coordinator for International Relations, or “kokusai kouryuin” in Japanese.
The main responsibilities of the CIR are translation and interpretation. For example, translating documents related to sister city relations, translating emails to and from various organizations, interpreting for the mayor at events or meetings, etc.
The CIR also forges international exchange with residents of Shizuoka City. Every year, the CIRs make 70~80 visits to kindergartens, preschools, nursery schools and lifelong learning centres. The objective is to help foster a broad international perspective among the residents by introducing foreign cultures to them.
Shizuoka City CIRs Si Ri Gu Leng and Venita Murofushi work on the 15th floor of the Shizuoka City Hall, in the Gender Equality and Multicultural Affairs Division.




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